Yoga Etiquette

Yoga is a collective and dynamic practice – you are an individual within the collective

Simple Tips to be a Good Yoga Student:

The Yoga culture can be daunting, so here are a few tips to make our studio a happy place to practice:

  1. Arrive at least 10 minutes early to check in, get your mat and props set up and take time to sit quietly to breath, stretch, or meditate.
  2. Look around, smile, say hello to the people you will be practicing with.
  3. Take your shoes off before coming into the studio.
  4. Keep the floor space around you clear by storing personal belongings in one of our cubby’s.
  5. Respect the teachers sequencing – it’s OK to modify a pose think about the distraction to the teacher and fellow students if you are doing something totally different.
  6. Turn all devices off. Yoga is about being fully present in the moment and this can’t happen if phones are pinging and students are checking their iWatches.
  7. Don’t use perfumes or oils etc. as strong scents do travel and can adversely affect other students breathing.
  8. Be aware of your space – classes can be packed so if you see someone looking for a space, please make room.
  9. Please do not walk on anyone else’s mat.
  10. Savasana is an important conclusion to your practice and a time most students relish. If you cannot stay, please leave before Savasana and tidy up your props.
  11. If you have used our props, please put them away tidily.