Relief and Healing for Sacroiliac Pain – Part 2

Heather Morgan

 Sunday 16th February

12 – 2.15pm


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Many of us experience lower back and SI joint pain at some point, which can be a result of forceful over stretching as well as repetitive common habits we do in our daily lives and on our yoga mat. In part 2 of the workshop we will:

  • Review the 8 things we do in on our mat that can cause lower back and SI joint pain.
  • How to avoid spinal leverage in Asana
  • How to create more mobility in the hips to prevent femoral leverage
  • Balance the deep iliopsoas muscles
  • Restore pelvic stability
  • Stabilize the pelvis while mobilizing the hips
  • Review the Pelvic Reset from Part 1 and learn a new technique.

Please bring a muscle release ball – Heather uses a Mini Thera-band ball that is available on Amazon.

The workshop will be limited to 10 students to ensure everyone gets individual guidance.

Eligible for 2 CEU’s

Heather Morgan is a E-RYT 200 teacher and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider).  She has been teaching since 2008, in addition to continuing her own education.  She was part of a research program at The Desert Pain Institute looking into the use of alternative therapies, including Yoga, to help relieve chronic pain, and has studied under Donna Farhi, who advocates teaching and practicing using self-inquiry, where students can investigate, adapt and evolve their practice to honor their individual needs.

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